Our Team

Pam has lived in Fredericton all of her life.  She loves spending time with family and enjoys being a hockey and baseball Mom.

Along with real estate, Pam’s passion is to give back to the community and one of the committees she is committed to is the Affordable Housing Committee.  Pam and her son Colter raise money each year for the Chalmers Foundation and the IWK.  Pam also enjoys supporting our local Emergency Shelters.

Pam is the founder of a women’s business networking group called the Fredericton Women’s Executive Club,  who provide scholarships for single Mom’s that want to further their education along with other fundraisers to support the community.

Pam enjoys a healthy lifestyle and likes to keep active by snowshoeing, walking trails and taking in the fresh ocean air at Saint Andrews.

Pam is an avid reader and believes there is always something new to learn.

Pam’s greatest success is providing comfort, knowledge and peace of mind to her clients as they embark on their journey that keeps them coming back for the past 33 years.

Success does not happen on the efforts of just one person.  Pam is grateful to have the support of her Executive Assistant, Glenda Crawford of 22 years and a wonderful addition of Lisa Black responsible for marketing and social media.

This outstanding service has helped her to be recognized as one of the top Realtors in Canada and North America.